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The Terpene Limonene

We list information about terpenes on our menu and packaging for our Flower and Concentrates products because interest in the therapeutic value of these chemical compounds in cannabis plants is skyrocketing. Known for its lemony taste and citrus aroma, the…

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What Are Terpenes?

When you visit Berkshire Roots (501 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield), check out our beautiful series of educational postcards. Take any card you wish, then come back to take our quiz. Kidding. There’s no quiz. But you’ll definitely learn a lot and…

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Marijuana as Medicine event at the Moments House

With the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts, more cancer patients today are seeking relief through medical marijuana. In this 90-minute program, learn from medical experts about cannabis regulations, plant science, types of strains, how it is prescribed, getting a medical marijuana card for patients and caregivers, and smoke-free methods of consumption and dosing. It includes a Q&A period as well as refreshments.
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