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The Terpene Pinene

The terpene pinene could put you in the Christmas spirit all year or at least remind you of that little scented cardboard pine tree dangling from your rear-view mirror. What could be better! Well, how about this: Patients say products…

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The Terpene Beta-Caryophyllene

This terpene’s name certainly is a mouthful, but with patients singing its praises, beta-caryophyllene is worth getting to know. It’s said to offer aworld of health benefits, from acting as an anti-inflammatory to helping relieve intestinal disorders. Terpenes give cannabis…

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The Terpene Myrcene

Our series of posts on terpenes – the chemical compounds in cannabis plants that are exciting scientists with their medicinal potential – continues with myrcene. Terpenes give plants their distinct aromas, and myrcene’s is earthy and musky. It’s known for…

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The Terpene Linalool

Ahhhh …. lavender, rosewood and jasmine! If you love these lovely scents, cannabis products containing the terpene linalool may be right up your alley (or maybe down your flower path). Patients say linalool is calming, promotes sleep and reduces anxiety.…

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The Terpene Limonene

We list information about terpenes on our menu and packaging for our Flower and Concentrates products because interest in the therapeutic value of these chemical compounds in cannabis plants is skyrocketing. Known for its lemony taste and citrus aroma, the…

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What Are Terpenes?

When you visit Berkshire Roots (501 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield), check out our beautiful series of educational postcards. Take any card you wish, then come back to take our quiz. Kidding. There’s no quiz. But you’ll definitely learn a lot and…

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